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The Nigger Banner

The Nigger Banner

The Idea behind and coming together of the nigger banner started after Obama won in Iowa and as the race heated up between Obama and the Clintons. The RACE card was starting to be played (mainly in the press...sell papers and air time you know).

As Obama took the lead and more RACE card playing with it, that being said, the Republicans as hateful as they are, were sure to pick up on it too. One day, I was talking with some friends ( their parents had been in the klan ) and this being in Union County N C and Jesse Helms country. Also this being where a lot of the movie Color Purple was filmed and the author living right across the state line in the next county, Randy ( Traywick ) Travis is from here as well as Jerry Rushing the author of the Duke's Of Hazzard tv series and movie fame. Good Ole Boy's get the picture.

Anyway, one day early in the primary's, I happened to ask what did they think about this black guy Obama. Boy! did I ketch hell! They didn't want to hear anything about no nigger being president and I best stop talking about him. "Well !" I guess I best not. These guys don't play.

As the week went on, I thought more about what was going on and some days later as I passed the 'ole drinking spot. I hollered out to one of the good ole boys, am I out of the dog house yet? and he laughed and said NO! but I could stop and have a beer as long as I behaved myself. This time though I asked them what they had to say about this Cheney/Bush presidency . Boy. They didn't like them either! But the most striking thing for me was the amount of animosity of theirs was the same for Obama "that Nigger ". About a week later, I stopped by again and when my turn came up to speak they said it was OK as long as I didn't talk about that Nigger running for president.

I say's says me, "It seems to me that the real Niggers are already in the Whitehouse" They say "What do you mean?" That let's me know they they've already been thinking about it .And if I could get this by them, I mean if I could get them to really think about it, how many people could you get to really change. So I says, says me..."Well look who's Niggered up our good name around the world ...These neo-con Nazis, nothin but a bunch of Fascists! I continued...Who's Niggering up these gas prices? Who's Niggered up this housing market? Who has lied to us about this getting us into this Iraq war and treated our military and their family's like they aren't nothing but a bunch of Niggers? And who has now treated our National Guard as their nothing but a bunch of Niggers also?!

And you know what I've heard...those guys in the Guard in Rock Hill that wouldn't drive until they got some protection, I heard what they really said was- You weren't going to treat them like a bunch of Niggers. And there are some black guys in that national guard unit and you want to know what they had to say = pause= It's about time Whitey started waking up.

And who's niggered up the national debt and our justice department? Who's niggering up our environment and this global warming and all? Who's stealing and lying to us with every other breath and robbing you blind? Who?! - A long pause - And then I said "How does it feel for you to be the Nigger now for thats exactly how they are treating you? As their NIGGER....... and you should have been there to have seen the expression on their faces. It said it all.

I then came up with the idea for the banner. I wrote it out and talked to white and black, men and women, young to old and almost everybody laughed, they knew what I was saying, a few older African Americans still just didn't like the "N" word, But a crazy old white man might just might get away with it. Now will be the most difficult part....going through with it! "THE PHOENIX"