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Who is Fred Mauney? He is the American everyman. He is the average Joe, a true and publicly unremarkable native son. He is a synergistic product of the crazy quilt of borrowed cultures that is our national heritage. He is undistinguished and unsung. He is unique and unpretentious. He is unassuming, yet self willed. He is modest in his possessions, yet rich in his life experiences. He is an unattached molecule in the universe; at the same time he is connected to all things. He is the X that equals X. He is a survivor. He is the common man, the ordinary soul. He is a slice of American life. He is you and me.


Taking on all causes that seem hopeless. Overcoming obstacles in the face of overwhelming odds. Fred is serious in his actions to make this nation a better place, and has the humility to laugh at the strange twists of fate that has led him to help those that are under trodden by fraud, lies, and conspiracy of those in our society that misuse their power, position, and wealth.